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The Product

A stylish and alternative solution for extra indoor space within your garden. Morgan Garden Studios offer a product that stands out for it's beautiful design and quality build. Perfect for a home office or a much needed relaxing room. 

Our studios are built using structurally insulated panels for the walls, floor and roof and double glazed UPVC windows and doors which makes our studios warm and habitual all year around. 

We use the highest quality materials such as cedar shingles, slate and the choice of stone or brick cladding that will give your studio the individual look.

All our studios come with finished internal walls, laminate flooring, skirting boards, lights, sockets and all the guttering and down pipes needed.

Every studio is hand crafted in our work shop and delivered and assembled on site. We provide the concrete pad system in which the studio will sit on as part of the studio price. 

We offer a free onsite evaluation to discuss your dream studios and to provide you with a detailed quote within 24hours. 

On average our studios take 3-5 working days to assemble, giving you more space fast.

Quality is the best business plan
— John Lasseter

what are the benefits of a garden studio?

Interested in a garden studio but need more convincing? Our top benefits might help you decide. 



In most cases the garden studio will not need planning permission saving you time, hassle and money.


Investing in a garden studio can add substantial value to your property by creating space for work or hobbies. This will most certainly increase buyer interest and value. 


Our garden studios on average take 3-5 days to assemble on site. Our fast paced, yet thorough construction ensures you are given extra space quickly and stress free.



Our garden studios are durable and weather resistant, suitable for year round use with minimal running costs. 


As we use only the best quality materials, we confidently offer a 10 year guarantee with our garden studios at no extra cost. This we promise.


When working at home, it can be hard to stay motivated. Working in a garden office, can help you to feel more professional, which in turn increases motivation and productivity. 

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